Monday, April 25, 2011

Private invasion

Sometimes a man feels the need to be alone and he gets otherwise. Aaron was in the same situation. Aaron, pretty much a next door neighbor kind of chap, had a good sense of humor and the girls loved him, especially Nina. Nina was the reporter type, had short cropped hair and dressed in casuals mostly. What attracted Nina was Aaron's down to earth cute smile and his maverick nature.

That day Aaron felt the exhaustion of city's hectic social life, if i may call he had city sickness. Nothing about him was cute that day. He wanted to pause and introspect on his life. So he was ready for an all alone night when suddenly his doorbell rang. He felt the utmost desire to vanish and his fingers twitched indicating to get that whoever somebody to immediately go along his/her business and leave him alone. With a tremendous effort, he lifted himself. His steps felt to him like the tortoise left behind who had lost the desire to beat that overconfident rabbit every time. Nevertheless he reached the door and looked through the peephole(which more looked like a spyglass now). There was Nina beaming all over and waiting to get the door opened. On the other hand, "that pantomime dame, what does she want at this hour?" Reluctantly he opened the door. With a plastic smile like those of politicians before the formation of coalitions he said "hello". Nina, not knowing the devilish intentions of her crush, gave her best possible smile and said "Oh, hello aaron. I came by to check on you.How are you these days? Mind if I join you?" How could a man possibly say no now. But in aaron's mind" Hell I mind lady. If I were the mayor I would have send you to do community work for barging in such an hour." "None at all Nina. I am fine. My home your home whats the difference. Do come in." Nina blushed at those words like the girls in romantic teeny booper movies.

Making herself comfortable in the sofa with her hands clasped trying to display affection for her crush asked"Whats going on in life?'. Aaron with his head trying to find solace and scheming plans to get rid of the alien invasion of his privacy said "Oh well, I have been working on few ad projects here and there. Whats up with you(intended,Why are you here?)?"Nina: "I am working on a new designer wear for the Armoonies. It will be a one of a kind....." The rest was all blah blah in Aaron's mind. she kept on going and he was getting restless shifting his positions in the sofa opposite Nina's. Why God, Why? When will this Orient express stop? "Hey would you like some tea or coffee(or a Rat Kill)." "No, I have already had some before my arrival here", said Nina. Aaron promptly replied"I insist" desperately trying to get away from the vixen of his all alone introspection night. Finally some respite, he thought trotting to the kitchen. In the kitchen he started to buy time by searching for the coffee packet (although he knew it was in the rightmost cupboard ) and simultaneously planning his "Independence Day". While on the other side of the wall Nina was humming "You're all I need by white lion".

Suddenly the yellow brilliance of the bulb shone in his perturbed head. He pulled out his mobile"life saver" from his right pocket of his pyjama and dialled his dial phone kept in the bedroom. As soon as the phone rang he sprang towards the bedroom like a lion towards its prey. In the bedroom, "WHAT? REDO THE ASSIGNMENT? OH, COME ON JACK. ARE YOU KIDDING? MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH NOW, HUH? Ok, I'll see what i can do, yeah, bye. His voice was like those theatre artists wanting everything to be heard as clearly as possible. As he came by the drawing room he knew his plan worked as he saw the worried face of Nina. She asked, "Is everything alright?" "Oh, Nina, you'll have to excuse me now. My boss just called me and asked me to redo an important assignment and said its a matter of life and death. I am so sorry." Nina's face drooped like a sunflower without a sun. She said " hey, its alright. I'll come by another time since you said my home your home whats the difference." "Yes, Yes certainly(intended, I'll make sure you don't)", said Aaron. At the door Nina started to give farewells like a girl gives to her boyfriend before being sent to the war. Now Aaron started to really feel the angst rising in his body and with one last ditch effort he put up an friendly smile and said"I'll call you,Bye", and shut the door.